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What R Kumar loves most about his business is the opportunity for meaningful connection with people. He has consistently found himself in the role of trainer, speaker, and salesperson for most of his life; through positions as varied as ERP Sales Consultant, Construction Machine Equipment Sales, Amusement Industry Product Sales, Consulting Financial Institute, Associated with One Leading IT Firm (in education) as one of the Promoter, he has been able to build connections with people in 25 countries over 6 continents. In his time with Freedom Personal Development, Rajeev has won the “Sales Person of the Year” award and served as Managing Partner and Regional Head of Sales. Insisting that he draws his energy from the energy people bring with them to his workshops, Rajeev is defined by his dynamism, his commitment to learning, and his devotion to helping people discover their capacity to become their best selves. He believes that most of his clients have had a positive experience with his services. He believes in team and everyone has to work and communicate together. As his past clients know he is passionate about his career, He believes that to be good at what you do, you must have a passion to succeed.

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